The Abergavenny Writing Festival

April 2024

Events for Young People

Only those participating in an event will be required to purchase a ticket. 

All Events take place on Saturday 20th April 2024 at the Melville Centre for the Arts 

10:00 – 12:00pm – Kev F’s Comic Art Masterclass. 

Tickets are £7.59 (including booking fee.) Book your ticket here (link opens in new tab)

A collage of brightly coloured comic books covers. Kev F Sutherland has written and drawn for Beano, Doctor Who and Marvel comics, and now makes graphic novels adapted from Shakespeare. Now he’ll teach you how easy it is. Whatever stories you want to tell, Kev can teach you how. After the end of a Comic Art Masterclass, everyone’s created their own comic strip and takes away an individual caricature by Kev F.
Learn everything he knows, so you could leave school and steal his job!
The Comic Art Masterclass is a two hour session for ages 7 and up, adults are also welcome.


12:30 – 13:30 – Urban Foraging with author Adele Nozedar.

Tickets for children are £3.25, tickets for Adults are £5.42 (both include booking fee.) Book your tickets here (link opens in new tab)

In the top left is a half a face/body of a smiling, blonde woman. In the bottom right is half a face/body of a black and white dog. The background is grass.

Meet at the Melville Centre for an hour of urban foraging. Author and forager Adele Nozedar explains: “Believe it or not, the best foraging is always to be had in unexpected built-up places. I will tell you why when you get there! We won’t be eating what we find but there are other ways of foraging . . . I know that exploring the natural world – you know, the one that’s not in front of a screen – is the absolute best way to wonder, wander and bond, no matter how old (or young) you are.”
Adele is the author of several books, including four about foraging and in particular ‘Foraging with Kids’.






14:00 – 14:45 – Sesiwn greadigol gyda Sioned Wyn Roberts 

Tickets are £3.25 (including booking fee.) Book your ticket here (link opens in new tab)

A woman with shoulder length, grey hair. She is wearing a white-cream coat, over a white-cream turtleneck jumper. She is wearing tortoiseshell glasses and smiling. There are green leaves, brown tree branches and red blossoms in the background.

Sesiwn greadigol gyda Sioned Wyn Roberts, awdur nofel Fictorianaidd  Gwag y Nos, enillodd wobr Tir na-nOg 2022, a Wyneb yn Wyneb sy ar restr fer Tir na n-Og 2024. Cyfle i drafod y nofelau, creu cymeriad a golygfa eich hun a holi’r awdur. Efallai y bydd eich syniadau chi yn cael eu cynnwys yn nofel nesaf y gyfres! Bwriad y sesiwn yw sbarduno syniadau a rhannu top tips ysgrifennu. Mae’n addas i blant oed 8-13.
Mae Sioned wedi gweithio yn y maes teledu plant ac addysg ers 30 mlynedd, a chyn hynny roedd yn athrawes hanes. Bu’n cynhyrchu rhaglenni teledu, radio a digidol i’r BBC ac yn gomisiynydd cynnwys plant ac addysg S4C. Dechreuodd ysgrifennu yn 2020 gyda chyfres stori-a-llun Ffwlbart Ffred. Ers gadael S4C mae hi wedi cael mwy o amser i ysgrifennu a bydd Madws, ei nofel gyntaf i oedolion, yn cael ei chyhoeddi mis Mai eleni.




14:30 – 15:30 – Drew, Moo and Bunny too with Owen Sheers 

Tickets are £5.42 (including booking fee.) Book your ticket here (link opens in new tab)

A split photograph of a book cover and a person. The book cover is on the left, the pictures are drawn in a simplistic, child like style. At the top of the cover is a child in green-blue pjyamma's, a small yellow bunny and a small cow sat atop a red blanket/carpet, it appears to be flying through the sky above a a sea of waves and a ship. Underneath is the title, in yellow - Drew, Moo and Bunny, too. Underneath that is 'Owen Sheers' underneath that is Illustrated by Helen Stephens. The two names are in blue. On the right is a picture of Owen Sheers They have short dark hair, and is wearing a blue t-shirt. They are looking off to the right of the photograph.

Grab your magic carpets and fly into the dreamy world of Drew, Moo and Bunny too, a new book by award-winning author, poet and playwright Owen Sheers. Join Owen for a family story session for ages 5+, full of pirates, sea-fairing adventures and three best friends.
Drew, Moo and Bunny Too was written in memory of Drew Barker-Wright, a 4 year old who died from a chordoma.

All proceeds from tickets go to the Drew Barker-Wright charity. 




15:30 – 16:30 – Poetry Masterclass with Alex Wharton – This event is suitable from age 10+ but adults are also encouraged to attend.
Tickets are £5.42 (including booking fee.) Book your ticket here (link opens in new tab)

A Man with short, black textured hair and facial hair. He is staring to the right and smiling. The background is plain white and he is wearing a blue-grey shirt.

Stretch the imagination with tips and tricks for writing poetry with current Children’s Laureate Wales, Alex Wharton. Drawing from his three collections of poetry, Alex will seek to engage, connect and inspire a love of playful and curious language through writing, editing and performance exercises.
Age range: 10 plus (for guidance only)
Alex Wharton is an award winning writer, poet and performer. He is the current Children’s laureate Wales 2023 -2025. His work has been shortlisted for Wales Book Of The Year and named as a National Poetry Day Recommended read. His fourth collection of poetry for young people ‘Red Sky at Morning: Poet’s Warning’ will be published by Firefly Press in 2024





Events to be held at Melville Centre for the Arts, 4 Pen-Y-Pound, Abergavenny, NP7 5UD. Plan your journey here (link opens in new tab)