The Abergavenny Writing Festival

November 2020

Writing Competition

“Hope” is the theme for this year’s Abergavenny Writing Competition
Free to enter and open to all from Year 3 to 13
Entries can be written in any style or form, in Welsh or English language
300 words maximum, no minimum
Deadline extended to Friday 14th February 2020
Any questions please email Lynn here:
Full details are on the entry form which you can download here


Last year’s winner Thea Nicholls had this to say about the competition:
“This competition is great to widen the imagination. I enjoyed the process because it was a great way to engage yourself with the world around you. I really recommend taking part, you won’t regret it.”
And these are her winning words on the theme ‘Your words have power’:

What’s the Point in Talking

What’s the point in talking when you don’t feel heard

What’s the point in running if you can’t escape

What’s the point in trying to swim if you know you will sink.

What’s the point in wishing to be someone else,

I am sure they would happily trade.

Why do I try to erase the girl in the mirror

Why do I try to become the girl online

With no blemishes or dimples in her cheeks.

Words have incredible power, you see

In creeps doubt with each comment, joke and jibe

Placed 2nd in the 2019 writing competition Evan Andrew Carter’s words:

Heart pounding, nose twitching, silent, still Gasping for air, fighting for freedom almost peaceful; but pain and aching limbs spoil the beautiful sunset cursed upon me. Tormenting, torturing like giving a child something they can’t have.
Pushing to reach an unforeseen goal to a land of achievement. Searching to find what is most desired, to have victory.
“Keep going, don’t stop!” lingered an obscured voice in the back of my head. As I start to tire all faith abandons me but I know, deep down an ounce of hope still lives on.
Swimming is so hard!


And placed 3rd in 2019 Charlie Morris’s words:

Fudge, Our Best Friend
It was like sadness had entered earth. The ‘C’ word had flown into our house like an owl attacking a mouse on a dark night. Tears fell like hailstones as I felt heartbroken and scared, what was happening?
After Dad’s stay in wonderland the sunshine broke through the black clouds as Daddy arrived home with his new best friend, ‘Fudge’. He hugged me until I couldn’t hold another breath. The sun streamed through my window as Daddy showed me his new friend the ‘stoma’ that saved his life and made all the sadness disappear.
‘C’ had finally floated away!


Winners of the 2019 Abergavenny Writing Competition